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The meaning behind this movie

This movie is what would happen if Dimitri Martin played the Holophoner.

You know...I saw that coming

And I still fell over laughing

That was tasteless, vile, and disgusting!

...so I obviously laughed my ass off and watched it twice! Awesome!

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I'm not sure if you tied the clock to an actual system clock or if you're just running a loop with a delay or something but I just won in 345 seconds, and I'm pretty sure I was playing a lot longer than that.

My computer is pretty old and slow, might be worth looking into.

Great concept, I want to see more games like this. It's a good time waster and far from being artificial and stupid (I think the point was to satire meaningless achievements in games like LittleBigPlanet).

Poor take on what has been done before.

I liked the graphics and music in this game, but that's realy all it has going for it. The "2-wheeled physics-based vehicle games" have been done to death (TeaGames Motocross, hell even LineRider), and this one is just another spin off, except there is no room for error and the vehicle seems to behave erratically sometimes.

For example, you could be trying to balance in mid air and you'll get no response, so you hit the button again and suddenly you're spinning way too fast.

If you crash, you lose all your points and start the level over again. This is a good incentive to not attempt stunts, which left me finishing level 1 with 0 points. Great.

Also, the stunts aren't even labeled correctly (a black flip is labeled "Front Flip" and vice versa). It makes me feel like this was some good art and music thrown over a Flash tutorial. This has potential, but it needs some cleanup and it certainly needs to have an original twist thrown in.

Seems buggy.

I couldn't figure out how to play - I set up guns and floor panels and then clicked "Start" and nothing ever happened - I never got any bad guys. Cool concept combining tower defense with side scrolling. although I wish I had gotten to play!

(Flash 10, PPC Mac)

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This could be released

Send a demo to Next Generation or something, you kick ass at this style!

Not bad

I'm not a huge Dubstep fan bit I can appreciate the effort.

If you need vocals for this...

Try "Alright" by Phil York & Dark By Design, if you can find an acapella.

SoulburnLV responds:

thnx mate for suggestion.

New tracks coming soon!

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