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New tracks in the works!

Posted by 4AM - April 15th, 2008

Sup everyone! Just throwin' it out there that I have a couple new tracks in the works, one Drum N Bass, one Trance. I haven't had much time or inspiration to write anything in a good long while due to work and moving and all kinds of nonsense, so the process has been slow. Also, my Original AGP G4 is starting to show its age, and I certainly am not funded enough for a nice new Mac Pro, so that severely limits my abilities as well.

The Drum N Bass track is not titled yet, but it's very similar to Crush Depth in terms of style. I've cleaned up the drums a lot (no more distorted piercing ride cymbal on the Tramen/Firefight!...although there is still a Tramen in there...or...two), and since I'm keeping my drums so similar, I'm going for a more classic hardstep hoover-style sound on the bassline. It's in the really early stages, still messing around with 8 bars of full-on at a time, looking to tighten that up before moving on to effects and ancillary sounds.

The Trance track is titled "Sweet Tea & Rangoons" (breakfast of champions!), and is a really full and epic hard trance number, a great example of my true style (I've only shared one hard dance track with Newgrounds before and it was, quite honestly, awful). I'm still unsure about releasing it on NG, it's probably going to be a low bitrate version, both for protection and for length (it's already about 6 minutes and it's only about 1/2 done. I'll probably also end up posting the "Radio Edit", just for the sake of ADD of my listeners ;-) Lots of layers and pumping basslines, good stuff.

That's all for now, and I'll be surprised if anyone reads this :-D

Comments (5)

I read it.


I hear your big in Japan? ;)

i honesly can't wait. i really love your music, its pro as and i mean it, i listen to it every day :). chuck us a listen to my new style when you get the chance bro

Lol, everyday? That's more often that I listen to it ;-)

Sorry for the delay, it's been a busy summer! I'm still working tho, don't worry. Had some side projects and very little time, plus gotta prepare for a haloween DJ gig - my first in like 5 years! I'm going to check out your page now though!

oh,now I get it.There is a user called hating4Am,I thought he meant the timeline

so... why do you call yourself 4am?